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About Eleet-EV: Pioneering sustainable Electric Vehicle solutions

Our unique business model combines the elegance of European design and technical support with robust international manufacturing capabilities, spanning across Europe, China, and Thailand. This global presence, paired with our local expertise, equips us to deliver high-quality, reliable, and efficient EV charging solutions that cater to a diverse clientele.

Eleet-EV works closely as the partner behind many of the well-known charger brands. This can be in the capacity of a full or sub assembled system solution. The demand of such a unique, and non-competing business model, that still encompasses the key advantages of global manufacturing skills and the highest technical design levels, is a enabler for businesses to speedily get their own charging products to market with the correct certification and reliable high quality.
Like many businesses in the EV Charging sector, the name Eleet-EV may appear relatively new, however, Eleet’s roots extend to over 35 years in the electronics and power conversion sectors. All projects are dealt with utmost confidentiality ensuring our partners charging products are realised completely in accordance with their own performance and aesthetic concepts. In essence, Eleet-EV become an available extension of your team for whichever project or sub assembly support is requried.