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Our chargings stations

AC Chargers

Home charging stations | Wall and Portable

Eleet-EV provide the most comprehensive range of AC input EV Charger possibilities, whether it be for home use or destination charging needs. Portable in line chargers, domestic wallboxes, 11kW and 22kW 3 phase wallboxes and dual output AC chargers up to 2 x 22kW. All available in socket or tethered versions.

Not only full chargers but controller PCBA’s and sub systems are available with support for customers to assemble their own charging products.

Designed & crafted to your specific performance requirements and adhering to the highest quality and safety standards for the European and UK markets. Provide your customers with a hassle-free, efficient and safe EV charging experience.

DC Chargers

Commercial charging stations | Wall & Portable

Eleet-EV have deep experience in the complex subject of DC Charging Station design and manufacture. DC wallboxes from 7kW up to 40kW, DC Charging Stations from 40kW up to 180kW, Portable DC chargers and DC-DC options for integrated solar and storage.

DC EV charging kits, including AC/DC power conversion modules with full controller integration.

Designed to your specific requirements including CCS, ChaDeMo and Type 2 AC combinations.

EV Products accessories and installation


PCBA & DLM accessories

PCB controller assemblies to support 16/32A single and 3 phase chargers. Dual outlet 2x11kW and 2x22kW. Functionality can be added or removed subject to our partners requirements.

SECC DC pile PLC controllers, EVCC modules for BMS communication.
Control hubs for Dynamic Load Mangement

AC/DC Power Modules

AC/DC conversion power modules are one of the key safety components in high power DC charging stations. These modules come with both mono and bidirectional capabilities, ensuring versatile and efficient energy transfer. Furthermore, they have been rigorously tested and certified to meet the stringent standards of both the European and North American markets. This certification guarantees their reliability and safety for users across these continents.

EV charging cables

Comprehensive range of cables for OEM and end users. Our selection includes high-quality cables designed for durability and maximum conductivity, high quality protective bags for secure storage, and other practical accessories to enhance your charging convenience. Each of our accessories is designed to withstand the demands of regular use, offering you reliable and long-lasting solutions for your EV charging needs.

Our products, certified by TUV and marked with CE & UKCA

testify to our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and safety. Choose Eleet-EV, and plug
into the future with confidence.